How do you know what size storage unit you need?

Complete Storage makes it easy with our sizing chart and sizing calculator "Size Guide". With these two tools you will be able to see which unit has the right amount of space for your situation.
sizing chart

5x10 (50 sq ft) - Walk-In Closet

Ideal for a few small items like a couch, chair, dresser, mattress set and a few packing boxes.

10x10 (100 sq ft) - One Bedroom Apartment

Ideal for: Standard furnishings from a one-bedroom apartment with a refrigerator or washer/dryer, plus boxes and small items. Or a motorcycle.

10x15 (150 sq ft) - Two Bedroom Apartment

Ideal for: Furnishings from a two-bedroom apartment or a small house without major appliances plus boxes, clothing and small items. Or items such as pianos, motorcycle, etc.

10x20 (200 sq ft) - Two-or-Three-Bedroom Apartment/House OR One Car Garage

Ideal for: Furnishings from a two-or-three-bedroom apartment/home with appliances, many boxes and extras. Or hold a car or truck.

10x30 (300 sq ft) - Three or More Bedroom House OR Two Car Garage

Ideal for: Furnishings from a three or more-bedroom apartment/home. Or hold a car or truck plus many extras. Possibilities are endless with this double extra-large space.

Climate Controlled Units available in 5x10 & 10x10: For the priceless items

When winter hits hard and th temperatures are close to zero or the summer heat is reaching for the 100's you'll be resting easy knowing your treasures aren't sweating the changes.

Outdoor Parking Spaces Also Available:

For storing trailers, RV's, boats, etc. during the off seasons.